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Westsun Solar are the best residential solar installers in WA. We have everything you need in order to get your solar installed efficiently and correctly. We have over 1o years experience in the solar industry, and can assure you our in-house accredited electricians wont let you down.


Did you know in Australia we have the highest average solar radiation per square metre of any region in the world. Currently 26% of Western Australian households have a solar powered system installed in their homes. Solar power is clean, environmentally friendly and sustainable with long-term financial benefits such as company power credits and government rebates.


Westsun Solar has installed residential solar power systems all over Perth and surrounding regional WA areas. Whether you need a basic home solar installation or a more complex solar system, Westsun Solar customise each installation to suit the energy needs of our customers home. As a recommended solar installer for Western Australia, we strive to supply our customers with the best products and service available.




Apart from the reduction of power-bills and government rebates, a residential solar system will increase the resell value of your home, as your property offers low-cost electricity which is incredibly attractive to home buyers. You will also be contributing to the reduction in carbon emissions and pollution, as the primary source of Australia’s electricity is coal. You will significantly be helping the environment as a solar owner.

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