Whaleback Golf Course

In the early 70’s a piece of land was put aside as a buffer zone between the proposed Canning Vale industrial area and the Lynwood Housing Estate. When looked at from the air, this parcel of land looked like a big fish and was subsequently called Whaleback Reserve by the City of Canning.

This is where one of Perth’s most popular public golf courses is located “Whaleback”. The Clubs decision to install a Solar PV system was both a financial investment and an investment to the sustainable future of WA.

Westsun Solar Installed a 20 KW Solar PV System comprising of the Worlds market leading equipment sourced from Germany. The energy produced will offset over 660 tonnes of Co2 over the life of the system. The club also benefits from their huge energy savings over the 25 year life span of the system.

With reliable and proven products, Whaleback will benefit from producing their own clean renewable energy that is free from the sun all year around.

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