Rottnest Island – Geordie Bay Shop

Geordies as it is known at Rottnest is the newest addition to Rottnest Island.

This new funky café/Art Gallery offers breakfast, lunch and dinner and all your favourite coffees and cakes throughout the day.

Operating hours from sun up to sun down made it the perfect candidate for Solar Energy.

With all power on the island coming from diesel generators and wind power, the option to supply Solar PV on Geordies was a no brainer.

With added pressure on the islands supply and demand for power, Westsun Solar has been the first Solar Company to supply and connect Solar PV on the island. An achievement that we at Westsun Solar are very proud off.

Both reducing the cost for electricity to the owner and reducing the load and pressure on the existing supply network on the island creating a huge positive for both the environment and savings on the island.

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