Off-Grid Morely

Richard lives in Perths northern suburbs. He called Westsun Solar to design and install an off-grid solar system just as he had in his Holiday home in Tasmania. Richard was sick of large electricity bills and loved the idea of being completely self sufficient. Richard designed his new home to have a 5 star energy rating. With insulation, solar hot water, 5 star rating appliances Westsun Solar designed a system to match perfectly with Richards Supply demands.
The Solar Array was installed facing East/West at 35 Degrees to maximise efficiency from sunrise to sunset. Westsun calculated the required solar array to both service the daytime loads with enough surplus electricity to charge the batteries for use after sundown.

Richards primary specification was reliability. Westsun Solar selected to work with SMA as their experience and history with off-grid systems is arguably the most extensive.
Working closely with a local Battery suppliers we installed ARG OPzV 1120 Amp hour tubular gel sealed batteries. These where selected for their reliability, long service life and maintenance free ease.
This equipment was installed in a purpose-built enclosure adjacent to the home. The room was installed below ground level to maintain a constant temperature. The enclosure also designed with additional insulation and ventilation to maintain battery temperature, which maintain battery life and assists them cycling to their full potential.

A backup generator is installed with an auto start to turn on in case of extreme loads being applied to the home and for maintenance. It is also installed to make sure that battery’s never fall below 50 percent depth of discharge to also maintain battery life.


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