Mills and Hassell

Mills & Hassall are a Commercial Industrial Builder and Steel Fabricator that have been Operating since 1951.

With many of their tradespeople and staff working from 9am to 5pm Solar was a perfect solution for them.

After operating for over 50 years they have seen the significant increase in power prices and the effect that this is having on their electricity bills.

With Solar PV at its cheapest and technology so advanced Solar has become a great investment for companies to supply their own clean free re-newable energy.

Westsun Solar provided Mills and Hassall a Customized 30.0kw PV Solar System, this system included the highest quality German components and monitoring equipment available on the market.

The Solar energy produced will offset over 1,000 tonnes of Co2 over the life of the system. In addition to the carbon footprint reduction Mills and Hassall will benefit from clean sustainable energy for the 25 year life of the system.

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