Hill Seafood

Hill Seafood are local distributors and wholesalers of the freshest seafood in Mundaring. In order for them to keep their produce fresh they need to constantly run fridges and freezes.

John and Fernando Smilovitis are well aware of this crucial part of their business but they are also well aware of the costly energy bills that follow.

When Westsun Solar approached Hill Seafood and explained the benefits of Solar PV on their business they were amazed and excited at their potential savings and return on investment, and they couldn’t wait to get started.

With a quick turnaround of six weeks Westsun Solar had successfully installed a 30.0kW Solar PV System on their business with Market leading Panels and Inverters that will long outlast their 25 year Manufactures warranties.

With Power being a large cost of running their business the 30.0kW System is a perfect asset to Hill Seafood.

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