Solar Panel Options

If you want a system that will offset your household’s electricity bills for the next 25 years – without the need or expense of a system upgrade – consider the advantages of installing a brand that’s guaranteed to withstand the test of time.



Q.CELLS Solar Panels – German Engineered

qcellslogoQ CELLS have consistently ‘raised the bar’ in terms of solar energy research and cell performance, and is still unbeaten in terms of quality control. We sweat the small details because, over time, they become the big issues. We know people choose solar power because they care about the environment. A system that needs to be scrapped before the end of its useful life would compromise everything we stand for.

qcells panels



ReneSola Solar Panels – Made In China

renesolalogoRenesola is one of the largest Chinese manufacturers of solar products. The company controls the entire production process from polysilicon to wafer and then to solar module. The company was set up in 2005 and has been listed on the New York stock exchange since 2008.


A Great Chinese Panel Option:

  • Affordable solar modules from a tier-1 manufacturer, as per Bloomberg New Energy Finance and ‘bankable’ as per Accelios Solar
  • All modules are protected against potential-induced degradation (PID)–a phenomenon that results in power leakage and loss in solar panels
  • Low temperature coefficient means that ReneSola solar panels perform better in high-temperature conditions
  • All ReneSola modules, compared to Tier 2 & Tier 3, work better in low light conditions, giving the home a larger yield in the long run.
  • Local Australian office means prompt and efficient service and support for both system owners and installers
  • Low light-induced degradation means that panels continue to perform well as they age
  • ReneSola was the largest importer of solar products into Australia in 2013, and for 2014 they are set to maintain this position with their new Replus Inverter, LED Lighting & Energy Storage divisions
  • Have been tested for desert conditions
  • Sand and dust-proof (see certificate (PDF))
  • Each ReneSola solar module is electroluminescense (EL) tested after shipping for fine fractures and faults in solar cells
  • Ammonia corrosion test (IEC 62716) and salt-mist test (IEC61701) compliant
  • ReneSola is publicly listed on the New York Stock Exchange (SOL)