Solar Inverters

Fronius Inverters – Made In Austria

froniuslogoHeadquartered in Pettenbach, Austria Fronius have been heavily involved in the solar industry – both in research and in development – since 1992. Their aim is to revolutionise the energy supply of the planet to achieve energy self-sufficiency. With a focus on quality, and dedicated time spent on researching solar storage solutions, Fronius are a company striving for excellence and revolution. We stand behind Fronius as a quality supplier of inverters and are on hand to discuss Fronius inverters for your solar solution.

With a huge range of products and Great installation characteristics they have quickly become Australia’s Number 1 choice both for installers and Salesman.

Also having inbuilt wifi capabilities to monitor and track your system make this inverter a great investment.

Interested in Fronius Hybrd?




SMA Inverters – Made In Germany

smalogoWhen it comes to solar inverters, SMA is a market leader. SMA continues to set impressive benchmarks in the renewable energy industry. With leading-edge efficiencies of 98% and the latest in modern technology – SMA delivers maximum yields while remaining extremely user friendly.

Manufactured in Germany and Sold world wide with confidence in both small and large scale this inverter is your trusted and reliable inverter that you can be confident will be around well passed your warranty period.




Growatt Inverters – Made In China

GrowattGrowatt New Energy Technology Co. Ltd was established on May 2010. They are a professional and vigorous new energy company focusing on photovoltaic inverters. Until now, Growatt has reached over 1GW installation worldwide, famous as a world leading manufacturer of cost-effective photovoltaic inverters with high efficiency. This product is great cheaper option if you cant afford premium products.

It performs well in the efficiency tests, scoring an A grade at high irradiation (i.e. strong sun) and a B grade at medium irradiation. It ranked in the top third of all devices tested by the magazine over the past few years. So to cut a long story short – Growatts are one of the better Chinese inverters out there. And they are certainly a lot cheaper than the European inverters on the market.