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Westsun Solar is a WA owned and operated company committed to providing superior quality products and service to clients in Perth.

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Welcome to Westsun Solar Power Perth

Energy prices across Australia have steadily been on the rise over the last decade as increased energy consumption continues to fuel demand. This should come as no surprise but it is naturally a cause for concern. Increases in electricity prices have an impact on cost of living for both households and businesses.

Renewable energy sources have the power to change that.

Investments in energy efficient technology is rapidly gaining momentum as the government pushes for a cleaner environment. Making the switch to solar power can drastically reduce your energy usage, saving you hundreds and even thousands of dollars on your power bill.

Thanks to advances in technology, solar power is more affordable than ever. The investment is ultimately one that offers significant returns.

Westsun Solar is Perth’s leading solar panel specialist.

We install solar panels in homes and businesses across Perth. With the rising cost of electricity, more home and business owners across Perth and surrounding areas are turning to solar power as a solution to curb these rising expenses.

Solar power is an environmentally friendly source of power that saves energy and electricity costs. By switching to solar power, you can save up to 80% on your power bills. It’s part of the reason why so many across Australia have already made the switch with more coming onboard.

In fact, the Government encourages Perth home and business owners to make the switch by offering incentives and rebates. The ongoing returns for feeding unused electricity back into the grid is simply another reason why solar energy is so attractive.

Even business are eligible to receive government grants that can be used towards the installation of a solar energy system.

If you’re looking to invest in a solar panel system, it is important to choose the right system for your needs. That way you get the best savings and optimal usage from your solar power. Our team of solar installers detail everything you need to know from which system is right for your needs to how much you could potentially save.

Why Switch to Solar

Demand for electricity will continue to rise. One option is to reduce energy usage but investments in renewable energy sources offer a better alternative that is more cost effective and sustainable in the long run. Solar panels installed on your roof harnesses energy from the sun and converts it directly into usable electricity.

Using this renewable energy source offers the following reasons to make the switch.

Cost effective: Prices for solar panels have dropped considerably in the last few years. Solar power system installations have also reflected this price drop, making them even more cost effective. Depending on your usage, these systems can drastically reduce your electricity bill or even remove it altogether.

Environmentally friendly: Energy from fossil fuels continue to have significant impacts on the environment. Solar power systems are a clean source of energy as they do not pollute the air. Investing in this renewable energy source also supports the government’s target to create a more sustainable and energy efficient future.

Sustainable: Unlike other sources of energy, solar panels draw on a renewable energy resource that is available in abundance. These panels are also built to last for decades meaning you get a solid return on your investment sooner rather than later.

Solar Panels

Every solar power system from Westsun Solar Power Perth usese quality solar panels. We work with leading suppliers including Q-Cells, Canadian Solar, and REC to bring you exceptional installations. These are all trusted names in the industry and all adhere to strict international standards.

Our team of Perth solar panel installers can help you get started with the right system for your energy needs. Numerous households and commercial establishments have already experienced tremendous benefits with our solar power systems.

We hope to do the same for you. Our vast technical expertise and team of accredited in-house installers gives us a unique advantage in the industry that allows us to deliver quality services in an efficient manner.

Why Choose Westsun Solar Power Perth

At Westsun Solar, we have a reputation of supplying and installing high quality solar systems and energy efficient products.

Our accredited team undergoes extensive product training to ensure every installation is completed to meet quality industry standards. We have worked on countless solar power projects for homes and businesses in Perth and throughout WA.

Cutting your electricity costs and reducing your carbon footprint has never been easier. Our installers first perform a comprehensive inspection of your home or business to determine the appropriate system. We then go over in detail how much your new solar power system would save you.

We make it our priority to deliver quality solutions and aim to make the process as transparent as possible. This approach is exactly what has enabled us to gain a solid reputation for solar installations in Perth. We help you choose the system that is right for your household or business.

Our team even shows you its efficiency, allowing you to save even more money with your new solar system.

Contact our Perth solar panel installers for more details or to ask about our easy payment plans. We are always available to answer any questions you may have.

The Westsun Solar Power Perth Promise

We stand behind every installation we perform. This is our promise to you:

  • No sales pressure approach: If this is your first time considering renewable energy alternatives for your home or business, then you probably have a lot of questions. We provide an honest assessment so you can make an informed decision on the system that best suits your needs.
  • Free onsite inspection: Every solar power system in Perth is different and has its own unique aspects. Our team of solar installers will first perform a thorough inspection to determine the ideal system that is right for your energy needs.
  • Quality solar panels: Westsun Solar only works with some of the best solar panel manufacturers in the world, all with exceptional track records in the industry. This is done to ensure reliable and efficient solar power system installations.
  • Professional installations: We are accredited with the Clean Energy Council. All of our installers go through extensive training to ensure all installations are meticulously carried out in a manner that allows you to get the most out of your system.
  • Transparent process: From the initial onsite inspection to the installation of the solar power system, we keep the entire process as transparent as possible. This allows us to deliver unmatched customer services in getting your system installed in a timely manner.
  • Easy payment options: We offer weekly and monthly payment options for our solar power systems depending on your budget. Making the switch to solar has never been more affordable. Our team can set up a payment option that works for you.

Our solar panels enable homes and businesses across Perth to benefit from a renewable energy source that is cost effective and sustainable.

Contact Westsun Solar today to schedule a free onsite inspection or to ask about our affordable payment options.

Client Testimonial

  • Hi Westsun,

    My 10 Kw System is working amazingly! Please pass on my gratitude to Mark and the installation crew for the great job.

    Regards John.

    • Jonathon Stacey
    • Sorrento Perth
  • Hi Ben,

    Thankyou very much for the installation you installed. My fist bill is dramatically slashed.

    Thanks again.

    • Sarah Parsons
    • Darch Perth
  • Hey Westsun Solar,

    Greatly appreciate your honesty and professional approach to installing my solar system. I will refer all my friends to you.

    Greatly appreciated, Luke

    • Luke Mitchell
    • Scarborough Perth
  • Hey Ben,

    Thank you for organising and installing the Solar System on my holiday home down south. Was a pleasure, look forward to having no more surprise bills anymore.

    Regards, Steve Blackwood

    • Steve Blackwood
    • Dunsborough Perth
  • Hey Guys,

    Thankyou for being on time! and installing such a neat solar system. I have passed on your number to my work colleagues and friends.

    I have already produced 52 units in 4 weeks it is running exactly as your performance review said. I’m very pleased and thrilled to see my electricity bill for once!

    • Mrs Gibson
    • Mullaloo Perth

Westsun Solar is proud to be Perth’s solar power experts. As a West Australian owned and operated company, we understand first-hand how harsh Perth’s weather can be. That’s why we source solar panels from world-class manufacturers.

Each solar panel in our range is chosen for its reliability and superior quality. When it comes to solar panels, there is no one size fits all solution. It is important to always have your site inspected, so your solar panel installers can recommend the ideal system for your needs.

Contact Us today to discuss you solar power needs. 

Perth's guide to Solar Panels

We source solar panels that are ideally suited to Perth homes. Solar panels are installed in the ideal position on the roof to maximise energy from the sun. Our accredited solar panel installers will assess where to place your system during an onsite inspection.

Solar panels in Perth must be capable of dealing with harsh temperatures. We source solar panel systems that work efficiently in Perth’s climate – no matter how hot it gets! Our Perth solar panel team offers a range of inverters and systems – from efficient small-scale models to large stand-alone solar power systems.

Contact our Perth solar panel installers to discuss your solar power needs.

More and more Perth businesses are going solar to save on energy and electricity costs. The Government offers small-scale technology certificates and grants to encourage business owners to take advantage of solar power.

Making the switch to solar power is easy. We provide a clear and efficient process, so your business experiences no downtime. Contact our Perth solar panel installers to schedule a free onsite inspection.

Our Perth solar panel installers have the expertise to assist you with choosing the right system. We provide free onsite inspections, where you and our solar panel installers can discuss your solar panel needs.

Contact our solar panel installers to schedule an inspection today. Or explore our website to find out more about our range of solar panels in Perth.

Perth Solar

Solar panels enable Perth homes and businesses to benefit from renewable energy generated by the sun. Other sources of energy require forest clearing, drilling and other methods harmful to the environment. Most of these methods create high volumes of carbon emissions.

Solar power is clean energy. By installing solar panels, you are helping the environment. Installing a basic 1.5 kilowatt PV system can save up to 3 tonnes of carbon emissions per year. That’s 2 cars (averaging 20,000 kilometres) off the road each year!

Contact our Perth solar panel installers today.